As you have now figured out by now, is providing high quality SEO at a fraction of the price.  We now have the capabilities to manage thousands of accounts due to our recent expansion from our success.  Our core beliefs of personalization for each account still holds true.  Each website is still being manually worked on for 1-3 hours every day.  We do NOT have a computer software that does the work for us.


Some of our competitors offer SEO packages that resemble ours.  The main difference in these packages is the price point.  When comparing our Starter Package, we have seen it being offered as low as $399 a month, and as high as $1,225 a month with an $800 1-time set-up fee and a 12-month contract to go along with it.

Many ad agencies and SEO Resellers have taken advantage of our rates and quality of work by offering it to their clients as their work... and we're okay with that!   


What We Offer


Once you sign-up as a reseller, we will train you on how to sell it.  We will go over what SEO is, how it works and how to get the clients to sign-up.  We are also available for ongoing support as needed.


You can charge whatever you like for our services.  This is your business, and we won't interfere.  Our price to you will never change.

Monthly Reporting:

We email you an SEO report every month for each client.  You then insert your logo, and forward it to them.  They never know was involved. 

No Contracts:

We do not hold you to a contract, but that doesn't mean you can't have your client in a contract with you.  If they fail to pay or go out of business, you can cancel their account immediately with us.

No Hidden Fees/Deposits:

Again, we do not accept deposits and have zero hidden fees.  This doesn't mean you can't ask for a deposit from your clients.

We will NEVER contact the client directly.  If there is an issue, we contact you and you to resolve it with the client.