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It’s 2021, so you’ve probably already heard of websites called Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.  These are social media sites that attract hundreds of millions of visitors every day.  Actually, Facebook tops them all with an average of 1.85 Billion users daily.  As a business owner, this is a great opportunity to send your message in one centralized website.  Social media marketing is an excellent way to market for many reasons, but the best reason is because of its capabilities to target.  For example, if you are looking for single men who are between 25 and 35 years old and live in Florida, you can do that!  The platforms break down their audience so you don’t waste money reaching people who won’t convert for you.  You can target by race, age, sex, interests, location, income, Behavior and connections.

In addition to targeting the right audience, you can run both branding and direct response ads.  You can also run a lead generation campaign which brings interested people directly to your inbox.  On top of all these capabilities, running social media ads are also a lot less expensive than traditional media.  If you have a budget in mind, we would be happy to create a proposal with estimate returns for you. 

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